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IMDbPY is a Python package useful to retrieve and manage the data of the IMDb movie database about movies, people, characters and companies.

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A code example

# create and instance of the IMDb class
from imdb import IMDb
ia = IMDb()

# get a movie and print its director(s)
the_matrix = ia.get_movie('0133093')

# show all the information sets avaiable for Movie objects

# update a Movie object with more information
ia.update(the_matrix, ['technical'])
# show which keys were added by the information set
# print one of the new keys
print(the_matrix.get('cinematographic process'))

# search for a person
for person in ia.search_person('Mel Gibson'):
    print(person.personID, person['name'])

# get the first result of a company search,
# update it to get the basic information
ladd_company = ia.search_company('The Ladd Company')[0]
# show the available information and print some
print(ladd_company.get('production companies'))

# get 5 movies tagged with a keyword
dystopia = ia.get_keyword('dystopia', results=5)

# get a Character object
deckard = ia.search_character('Rick Deckard')[0]
print(deckard['full-size headshot'])

# get top250 and bottom100 movies
top250 = ia.get_top250_movies()
bottom100 = ia.get_bottom100_movies()

How to contribute

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IMDbPY 6.5 released

IMDbPY 6.5 is here!

In this release: web parsers are now based on piculet and the documentation was converted into the sphinx format. As always, IMDbPY is looking for developers; if you want to contribute, contact us. Changelog.

IMDbPY 6.4 released

IMDbPY 6.4.1 is here!

In this release: fixes for the search methods (#136).