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Here is a short example of how you can use it directly from the Python interpreter or in your own programs:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

# Import the imdb package.
import imdb

# Create the object that will be used to access the IMDb's database.
ia = imdb.IMDb() # by default access the web.

# Search for a movie (get a list of Movie objects).
s_result = ia.search_movie('The Untouchables')

# Print the long imdb canonical title and movieID of the results.
for item in s_result:
   print(item['long imdb canonical title'], item.movieID)

# Retrieves default information for the first result (a Movie object).
the_unt = s_result[0]

# Print some information.
director = the_unt['director'] # get a list of Person objects.

# Get the first item listed as a "goof".
ia.update(the_unt, 'goofs')

# The first "trivia" for the first director.
b_depalma = director[0]
ia.update(b_depalma, 'trivia')

Another example, using a local SQL database, after you've populated it with the data from the plain text data files using the script like this (assuming you've already created an imdb empty database: see documentation for more information):

python3 -d /path/to/the/plain/text/data/files/ -u mysql://USER:PASSWD@localhost/imdb
#!/usr/bin/env python3

from imdb import IMDb

ia = IMDb('sql', uri='mysql://USER:PASSWORD@localhost/imdb')
search_sk = ia.search_person(u'Stanley Kubrick')
for person in search_sk:
   print(person['name'], person.personID)

sk = search_sk[0]
print('Last directed movie:', sk['director'][0])

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